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Fill it in! - Part 1

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Fill it in! - Intro Fill it in! - Part 2.a

And here we have the riff I've chosen as an example, just treat this and the licks to follow as the examples they are. The main lesson in this tutorial will be you finding and experimenting with your own ideas.

The riff itself is pretty straight forward, an 8th note based rhythm in roughly 130bmp. You can of course use any type of lick or phrase over this, since you won't be playing over any background musice (apart from that metronome). But try to keep in mind that seeing how you should imagine playing over the riff while keeping in time with the beat, sliding into a shuffle feel would not be the best idea. If you want to practise shuffle-feel licks and ideas, opt for finding a shuffle-based riff to go along with that. Of course, you can (and should) convert any shuffle-licks you have laying around to straight feel and practise those as well in this context!