7 Major Scale Boxes on 3 Strings

Tutorial: Sequencing
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1 Octave Major Scale on 2 Strings G-Major 2 Octaves Sequencing Exercise

Looks like too many notes? Don't worry - nothing difficult around here! What you see here are 2 sequences: 1 goes 6 notes descending, and the other one goes 6 notes ascending. The only thing to think about are scale boxes. We have 7 scale boxes for a major scale because a major scale contains 7 notes. Each box can start with one of the notes from the scale. Each box has its own pattern. Remember the difference between pattern and sequence?

Pattern describes the position of notes, while sequence describes the order of notes.

So, you just have to memorize these 7 major scale boxes and you're on your way to nailing this lesson. Practice slowly with the metronome, you can even practice one box at a time - just one box played up and down. Once you got it down, move to the other box.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do it, so we have to learn some boring stuff first, but that's why I added sequences to it - that way its not that boring and you're practicing both scales and picking.

Have fun and see you in the next lesson!