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Drop Tuned Chord Voicings - Dominant7 & MinMaj7

Mike Salow 210 lessons

These last couple voicings are really just for fun, but I have used them in some of my tunes and I've also heard some band use these or similar voicings.

I may have said "Major Minor 7" in the video but the chord is in fact a Minor Major 7. That just goes to show how well my brain works while I'm talking to a camera :-P

This voicing is as simple as taking your minor traid and moving your 3rd finger back one fret. 

As for the dominant 7 chords, they are a little weird for the chording hand.

I've included voicings for:

Dominant 7

7 b9

7 #9

7 #5 b9

7 b5

7 #5 #9

Make sure to avoid the A string in these voicings.

These dominant chords are all just extra voicings that you can mess around with and may are may not be usefull for you in a metal setting.

I will say though that I have used these chords in some of my prog metal tunes.

Have fun with these voicings and I'll see you later!

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