Drop Tuned Triads: Major

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Drop Tuned Triads: Intro Drop Tuned Triads: Minor

Like I said in the previous video we'll be covering three different voicings each occurring on the lower 3 strings. 

The first is our root inversion in C major.

C - G - E

1 - 5 - 3

The second voicing is our 1st inversion.

E - C - G

3 - 1 - 5

The third voicing is our 2nd inversion.

G - E - C

5 - 3 - 1

The arpeggios are the 2nd part of this lesson and they use the exact same notes and strings.

Each arpeggio will have 2 notes on the lowest string, 1 on the middle string, and 2 notes on the highest string.

The notes on the lowest and highest strings will be octaves of each other and occur on the same frets.