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Drop Tuned Chord Voicings - Major 7 & Extensions

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Drop Tuned Chord Voicings - Major Triad & add9 Drop Tuned Chord Voicings - Minor Chords

Moving on to adding the major 7 and its extensions.

For the major 7 chord it's as simple as sliding your 3rd finger back one fret from what was played for the major triad.

Adding the 9 is the same as in the previous video and adding the 13 is as simple as removing your 3rd finger and barring across the 7th fret with your 1st finger.

There are two voicings I like to use for the Major7 #11 (b5) chord. The wider streched version includes the 9 in the high E string while the other voicing moves the 3rd to the high E string and excludes the 9.

They each have a different effect, I think, and I've used them both in different situations.