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Tutorial - "Up & Up"
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"Up & Up" - A Section Breakdown - Part 2

Mike Salow 210 lessons

"Up & Up"

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Now onto the rest of the "A" section melody!

The chord progression for this section is E9 for three bars, and then on the 4th bar we have a syncopated progression of:

G/A - F/G - Ab/Bb - Bb/C

Each time these chords appear in the A section the melody adjusts to the changes and strays from the Em7 arp or Em pentatonic sound.

The first time the chords appear we give the melody an "outside" sound by playing an Fm7 arpeggio.

The 2nd time the chords appear we play major triads based off the bass note of each chord: A - G - Bb - C

As a whole, this melody will repeat through once before going to the B section.

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