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Picking Workout For Beginners - 2nd Routine

Al Joseph 245 lessons

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This exercise should also be simply relaxing and fun. Monitor your progress ever step of the way. This time we are adding another string to demonstrate legato, or playing from note to note as smoothly as possible. This is SUPER IMPORTANT. Don't be lazy and miss out. You need to sound good. I get question after question about to to develop "touch" on the guitar. The answer lies here. Listen to how smoothly I'm playing each note given the string change, then copy just that. This is an aural skill; That is transferring what you are aware of to your own fingers!

This is what "touch" requires.

NOTE: The tab below shows the subdivisions only, not the exact notes I'm playing in the video. If you need help, send me a message, but the purpose here is for you to apply the subdivision principles and expand upon them in your playing.

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