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Tutorial - Guitar Setup 101
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String Change - Vintage Tuners

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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String change for vintage tuners

The first part with fastening the string to the bridge is the same. Then follow this procedure (And check the video!):

1. Turn the tuning head, so that the slot in the peg head is in line with the fret board. In a vintage tuner, you will also see a hole drilled in the centre on the peg head; this is where the genius part of the vintage tuner lies.

2. Keep the string taut, and pull it trough the slot and past the tuner. Then keep the string stretched and follow it up two tuning pegs. Cut the string just at the further end of that tuning peg. That is; if you are stringing the low E, you should cut the string just at the end of the D-strings tuning peg, two pegs up.

3. Then, take the string end, and push it down into the whole of the tuning peg your stringing, until it comes to a stop. Bend the string down in line with the slot, toward the neck. Holding it firmly, start winding.

4. Keeping the string firmly in place, wind it up on the peg. The string turns will end up under the first one. Using a vintage tuner the way it is intended will eliminate those pesky, sharp string ends that might prick you.

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