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Advanced Patterns and Sequences - Part 2

Advanced Scales Rock
Rick Graham 210 lessons

Ready to go with exercise 2? Good stuff!

OK, this exercise is based upon an A minor pentatonic scale which shifts positions using the 3rd finger. The best way to practice this pattern is to play the notes in the same order as indicated in the diagram below, slowly: 

Every third note on each string should be played with the third finger of the left hand and should be approached with a position shift using finger 3 from the previous note on the string. I find that this is a great pattern to negotiate the neck with and is a great starting point to help you break out of the usual pentatonic box patterns in the same position. As always, try to look for new ways and ideas using what you have been presented with as a rough guide, and break the rules whenever possible!

When you're done here I'll see you with pattern 3!

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