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Advanced Patterns and Sequences - Part 3

Advanced Scales Rock
Rick Graham 210 lessons

Alrighty then! The next sequence is in the tonal centre of E and utilizes the notes of the E minor pentatonic scale. Pentatonic scales are more often than not, played as two note per string scales but here it requires 4 note per string pentatonic shapes. The left hand will take care of the first three but the fourth is played as a right hand tap as indicated in the diagram below:

I would recommend that you familiarize yourself with the notes by playing the patterns as a scale before attempting the full sequence. It will be necessary to pay close attention to your left hand index finger as you must negotiate the position shifts accurately. The tapped note must be given equal treatment as the index finger for the same reasons. There is no picking involved at all with this sequence and all notes played by the left hand must be achieved by using left hand hammers from nowhere. This technique can feel a little awkward initially but with practice, it will become much easier. OK, let's head on over to sequence 4!

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