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Advanced Patterns and Sequences - Part 6

Advanced Scales Rock
Rick Graham 210 lessons

In sequence 6 we are in familiar ground again in that the sequence is based around the A minor pentatonic scale. The use of left hand slides give this sequence a very Asian flavour to it which is very pleasing to the ear. If we examine the diagram we can see that up until the final note, only strings 3 and 1 are used.

Pay careful attention to the position shifts with your index finger as it will need pinpoint accuracy for this sequence. Also, try to make the the left hand movements as light as possible as this will improve the fluidity and the sound that you produce.

The right hand pattern involves the use of hybrid picking, which, if you don't already know, is a mix of pick and right hand finger(s). I highly recommend this very useful technique with sequences like this, but if you feel more comfortable playing it with a different picking style that's ok. All I would say is that if you dont try it, you'll never know if you'll benefit from it.

Make sure that you have this sequence down because in the next one, we are going to be looking at some variations on the same thing which will require more control.

OK, get practicing and when you're done, I'll see you in the next lesson!

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