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Advanced Patterns and Sequences - Part 5

Advanced Scales Rock
Rick Graham 210 lessons

This sequence is a particular favourite of mine and can actually be heard on my track 'Aftermath' which will be appearing on my new album. This main pattern is a suspended 2nd arpeggio with an added tapped 13th and it descends sequentially to create a cascading effect. When using the arpeggio in a sequence like this one, the effect can be very pleasing to the ear. Let's have a look at the pattern in the diagram below:

Again, every note played with the left hand is to be played with left hand hammers from nowhere. The position shifts will provide you with a challenge so the best approach is to practice one shape in one position until you feel that you are ready to tackle the whole sequence. Also, a solid muting technique is required with this so make sure you aren't getting any unwanted string noise.

Let's move onto sequence 6!

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