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Advanced Patterns and Sequences - Part 1

Advanced Scales Rock
Rick Graham 210 lessons

Alrighty then! Let's get cracking on the first sequence.

The whole sequence is based around the tonal centre of A dorian and while it is mainly diatonic, there are some additional passing notes present which make the sequence that little bit more interesting to the ear. I think that rather than trying to digest every single note from the outset, it would be better to understand the basic shapes upon which the sequence is really based.

In the above diagram, the red dots denote the notes of A minor pentatonic and the yellow notes are the passing notes between them. Once you have established in your mind that the whole pattern is based around the framework of the petatonic scale played on the top two strings only, the sequence will be much easier to take onboard.

The only deviation within the sequence is the omission of the e note(12th fret 1st string). I chose to play a g note(15th fret 1st string) in place of the e and essentially, you are playing the g note twice. I feel that this helps the flow of the phrase but feel free to change any element of the sequence as you wish.

Ok now let's look at sequence 2!

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