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Tutorial - Playing Legato
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Playing Legato - Exercise 1

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

In the previous lesson we worked on moving our fingers totally separately from each other. In this one will work on getting your fingers to work in linear sequence. The difference is that in this exercise the loudness of the next note depends on how good you do the pull-off and hammer-on. In the previous lesson the loudness of the note played depended completely on the finger that play the certain note. This time it is not the case.

If you pull-off easily, the third note in a row will not be heard at all and out goal is to achieve the same loudness for all notes.

Don't hurry, make it slow and remember the rules from the first part. Also, you may get tired really fast. Don't worry as it is totally natural. Fingers don't have enough strength to play long legato sequences straight away. Legato is kind of a gym for each single finger. Even if you are fit and can lift huge weights it won't help as fingers have their own muscles and we have to train them totally separately.

Ok, got this one down? Move to the next lesson!

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