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Metal Riffing with 16th Note Triplets - Snazzy Riff

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Okay now let's just play a snazzy riff!

Before you try to play anything with the guitar, observe the notation below and recognize where the 16th note triplets are, as well as where the 8th notes are. Even though we're just learning a cool riff, do your best to understand exactly what's going on with the riff.

In the first half of the riff, we're dealing with octave chords on the A and G strings. Use your index finger for the notes on the A string, and your ring finger for the notes on the G string. Make sure you play these chords cleanly without other strings ringing out.

Then with the second half of the riff, we're going to take the same melody an octave lower and play it on the Low E string.

Have fun with this one! And as always, try making your own variations using the idea in this lesson.

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