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Tutorial - Expiration Date
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"Expiration Date" - Exercise 5

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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And finally, we have the outro.

The first 8 measures is a bit of a teaser for the following blast of metal madness. We're basically just playing the melody using quarter notes with all downstrokes.

After that, we're going to play the same melody, except we're now going to be using 16th notes exclusively. This part is pretty fast. I'd recommend practicing with a metronome, playing 4 notes for every beat. Find the best speed for you, then gradually increase the metronome speed as you get more comfortable.

In the last 2 measures, we're going to be using octave chords. Your index finger will be on the Low E string, while your ring finger will be on the D string. Make sure when you play these chords that your index also mutes the A string. And be sure to mind the palm mutes in this section as well.

After the octave chord section, the song will end using the same riff that we learned in Exercise 1. Once you're confident that you have all the riffs down accurately, head on over to the next lesson for the backing track!

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