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Tutorial - Expiration Date
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"Expiration Date" - Exercise 2

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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Here we have some tight rhythm playing along with the bass drum. I love this kind of metal riffing, where there are quick bursts of notes amidst short rests in between. The contrast of notes and silence can really add a lot of neat dynamic to your rhythm playing. Before trying the riff, look at the tab and look for all the eighth note rests. Make sure when you reach those rests, the silence is crystal clear.

In this riff, we're going to be playing major and minor 3rd intervals. Or in other words, we're going to be playing chords with 3rd interval harmonies.

In the tab, notice the "P.M." markings? With the exception of the last measure, this entire riff will be palm muted. In the last measure, you'll be playing 8th notes while primarily using legato.

Got it down? On to Exercise 3!

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