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Melodic Metal Solo - Alternate Version: Part 2

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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To start off Part 2, we're going to be playing one of my favorite kinds of arpeggio patterns. I just love the sweeping/tapping combinations.

You'll start out by down-sweeping as you ascend in the A# Ionian mode. Then once you get to the G string, you'll play a 3-note-per-string legato pattern. Then comes our fun triple tap on the 15th fret. Use your index finger to tap the first note. Then snap your index finger off the 1st note as your middle finger taps the 2nd note. Then snap your middle finger off the 2nd note as your index finger taps the third note. If you aren't already used to multi-finger tapping, this may be slightly awkward at first. Keep those notes sounding crystal clear and keep practicing until you get it down perfectly.

Once you play the tapped notes, you'll then descend the arpeggio and finish out the solo.

If you have all the parts down for the alternate solo, head on over to the next lesson for the backing track!

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