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Melodic Metal Solo - Alternate Version: Part 1

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Melodic Metal Solo - Original Version: Backing Melodic Metal Solo - Alternate Version: Part 2

To start, we're going to be playing some fast thirty-second notes up the lydian mode in a 3-note-per-string pattern. In the full video for this solo, my note speed varies very slightly in this area to give it a bit of texture.

At the end of the 32nd note pattern, you'll come across some string skipping to reach notes on the High E string. Be careful not to let open strings ring out during that part. As said before, take your time and practice slowly.

The rest of Part 1 is a little easier. We just have a few hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. Also, be sure to notice the quick grouping of 32nd note triplets in the first beat of the 5th measure.