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Tutorial: Wake of Souls

"Wake of Souls" - Exercise 1

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"Wake of Souls" - Full Video "Wake of Souls" - Exercise 2

In this exercise, we're going to use a lot of palm muting on the 5th and 6th strings mixed between some higher notes. The higher notes are all on the D and G strings, so we're naturally going to be using some string skipping as well.

Since the palm mutes are pretty fast with the thirty-second notes, it's imperative that you practice this slowly at first. Get those palm mutes sounding as tight as possible.

Also, as you transition from the palm mutes to the higher notes, be sure to eliminate any unwanted string noise. Use your palm to mute any open strings that may ring out.

Lastly, can you hear how the higher notes have strong dissonance? This is caused by our use of the minor 2nd and Major 2nd intervals ringing out on separate strings. This is a great technique to implement in metal music.