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Tutorial: Wake of Souls

"Wake of Souls" - Exercise 3

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"Wake of Souls" - Exercise 2 "Wake of Souls" - Exercise 4

In this riff, we'll be going back and forth between 32nd notes and 8th notes. There won't be any palm muting in this one, so be sure to let the strings ring out nice and clean. Also, give the 8th notes a good amount of vibrato as you can see me doing in the video.

There is one particular timing observation I'd like you to make with this one. The actual riff in and of itself is in 6/4 time. However, in the tablature, we are layering it over three measures in 4/4 time. To be more specific, the riff ends on the 2nd beat in bar 15, then again begins on the 3rd beat in bar 15. This isn't the only way to transcribe something like this, but I usually transcribe my guitar parts in reference to what the drums are doing. So since the drums have a "4/4 feel" in this part, I write the guitar parts in 4/4 as well, even though technically the guitar parts by themselves might have a "6/4 feel".