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Visualizing the Fretboard - Locrian Scale Application

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

So next we'll apply this idea to the Locrian scale.

Be sure to look at the diagram below for guidance whilst watching the video. The locrian scale in the key of G starts on the note F# which is up at the 14th fret of our low E string.

We start the pattern on the 1st of our fingering no. 2's. So we get two no. 2 fingerings, 2 no. 3 fingerings and then 2 no. 1 fingerings to cover all six strings.

Don't forget to try this in other keys and check out how this relates to the other modes in the key of G.

This completes our journey up the neck. Our next mode would be back to the major scale but up one octave. In other words, we'd be playing G major at the 15th fret using exactly the same pattern with which we started back down at the 3rd fret.

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