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Hybrid Picking Sequences - Preliminary Exercises

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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OK, so before we go into the actual sequences we will look at some preliminary exercises that nails the essence of what we will be doing. First off we will do 3-string, 4-note arpeggios going up the scale.

As you can see in the video (and the tabbed examples below) there are a few voicings we can use for this. As most of the examples will be confined to the first position of the A Dorian mode (3-note per string patterns), we will use the last of the examples. You can also see that I have included a descending picking pattern in the arpeggio as well. You can practice this either going only up, or like a continuous pattern. Either way it is an excellent starting point to get your right hand fingers in order. The trick to getting a smooth transition between strings and individual notes is to stay relaxed and not to have a too heavy pick of finger attack. Too much force in the pick attack will throw you "off balance" so to say and make it harder to continue the arpeggio with your fingers.

The second preliminary exercise focuses on the linear hybrid picking, that is playing several notes on one string, rather than arpeggiated throughout multiple strings. What we want to do here is to try and start each new string with a picked or plucked note. So no "hammer-ons from nowhere" this time. We are looking for an articulated sound, not the smooth slur of all legato.

In real life improvisation you might opt for using a lot of actual legato, but for sake of practicing this technique make sure you start each string ascending as well as descending with a pick or pluck.

Once you feel comfortable with these exercises go on to the first sequence example.

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