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Modern Legato Application - Exercise 3

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Some of example 3 should be familiar to you as it borrows some ideas from example 1, namely the descending Gmaj7 arpeggio at the end of the line. Again, the line is over a G major tonality.

The difficulty with this phrase comes from the slides performed with the little finger or pinky sliding from the 11th to 12th fret on the G string and from the 13th to 16th on the high E. (actually the high F string as remember these TABS are for 4ths tuning - go to the final lesson for standard tuning TABS which I recommend you print out for reference.)

Try to keep these slides in time - they should sound like part of the phrase and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the line. As usual slow practice will give the best results.

If you find the timing hard with the chromatic section at the beginning be sure to go back and practice the preliminary exercises again.


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