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Modern Legato Application - Exercise 5

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Right! Hopefully you've still got some energy left in those fingers to tackle this final example.

Unlike the previous lines which were constructed over a Gmajor tonality, this one moves between two separate tonalities - G Dorian and Bb Dorian. Having the ability to construct or improvise phrases moving between various scales and keeping a constant line going is a very useful 'real world' musical skill.

Once again, we use a variety of techniques, legato, chromaticism and hybrid picking to achieve a pretty sophisticated sounding line ascending up the neck over Gm7 and Bbm7 chords. I've played the chords in the background for you to hear the line moving between the two tonalities.

The TAB below is again in 4ths tuning so see the end of the tutorial for the standard tuning version. I recommend printing them out for future reference. Again, I wanted to present the lines to you as I would play them if I was improvising.

Take it slowly, learning the phrase bar by bar before speeding things up and pay particular attention to your timing and having a consistent attack on each note.

Good luck - see you in the next tutorial!!


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