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Modern Legato Application - Exercise 2

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Now onto exercise 2! Hope you got on okay with exercise 1! This one is also over a G major tonality.

Things become a bit trickier now with some fairly big stretches. Make sure you're warmed up for this one! The first section of this line is a Gadd9 arpeggio played over 3 octaves. I use my first finger to barre across the 5th frets of the A and D strings rolling the tip of the finger between the strings to separate the notes in the same way you would when sweep picking. I then use the same technique between the G and B strings in the next octave. (The B string is actually a C string as I'm playing in 4ths tuning - in other words E A D G C F - go to the end of the tutorial for the standard tuned version.) The small number 1's under the TAB show where to use your first finger where it may not be so obvious. The other fingers should follow on from there.

In the bar 2 your first finger placement will ensure the success of failure of this line. You must be really accurate where you place the first finger as all the other fingers will lead off of this finger. If your first finger is placed on the wrong fret, all your other fingers will also be wrong.

As with all the examples, try to maintain a steady pulse and rhythmic accuracy and keep as constant an attack with each note as possible. Paying attention to the picking directions will help with this.

Good luck!


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