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String Skipping Arpeggios - Part 2

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

In this part, we take the major and minor arpeggios and scalar approach from the first part, and put those to use over a chord progression. The progression is Am, G, F, and below you can see the sequence I have played over it. As you can see I am also using hybrid picking in this example, but you can of course play this with a pick only, all legato, or whatever you feel is most comfortable for you.

As I explain in the video however, it might be worth taking on the hybrid picking approach, since that enables you to accentuate notes within the sequence much more easily.

The next step for you is of course to try this over any sort of chord progression, and if you need to add some other chord notes, just go ahead and experiment to your heart's content. =)

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