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Alternate Picking 101 - Exercise 3 - Scalar Straight 16ths

Chris Feener 256 lessons

We're heading back over to the straight 16th feel with this one, except this time, we'll be playing something a little more interesting!

The patterns are simply groups of 6 notes, played ascending from the lowest note to highest note, then descending from highest to lowest, and then finishing by ascending back through to the highest. The position is then shifted up one scale note, and in turn, we see different interval shifts and more complex patterns!

Remember to play to a click track, a mentronome, a drum beat, or whatever else you can find that'll keep you in time! I've never been one to worship the metronome, but for speed-building, it's important to know that your timing is stable. Too many times I've seen students practicing technical songs/solos and they choose their own tempo to corrospond with licks they may be less comfortable with over others.

That's all for this one folks. See you next time!

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