Economy Picking - Complete Madness!

Tutorial: Economy Picking
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Economy Picking - Odd Groupings

Complete Madness!

Here's the fifth and final excercise for Advanced Economy Picking. This one, entitled "Complete Madness" contains a pile of different position-shifts and technique derivatives.

It begins with a 5-string Am swept arpeggio, starting from the E note (7th fret) on the A string. After ascending through the arpeggio to the high E string, we add a D note to the mix before descending back through. Don't get your knickers in knot though! If you examine the pattern, you'll see that the picking direction is very "symmetrical"; simply ascend through the pattern, finish with an up-stroke on the high E string, play the 10th with a down stroke, and then continue the descend with the continuation of down-strokes.

The rest of the pattern is very derivitave of earlier excercises and will be very grafitying to master with time, practice and perseverance. Good luck! And if you have any questions at all, feel free to head on over the IG forum and check out my very own section!