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Tutorial - Guitar Setup 101
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Shimming The Neck

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Shimming the neck pocket

Let’s say that you have lowered your bridge as far as you can into the cavity without bottoming out, and the action is still too high. Your truss-rod and relief has been adjusted, and all else is well. What then? Then you probably need to shim your neck pocket. This entails taking the neck of the guitar, and inserting a small piece of paper (a strip of business card, desk-paper, or even gluing a piece of sanding paper) in the neck pocket. This will raise the heel of the neck upward, and thus lowering string height in the process. This is not as horrific as it might sound, but is quite easily done, just check the vid.

A final note here as well. Should you have a Floyd Rose bridge and wish to raise one string more than the others, perhaps due to a buzzing fret, you can buy so called “shims”, to put under the saddles of the bridge, thereby raising that string individually.

As far as the rest goes, the workings of the tremolo is best explained in video, by simple show and tell, rather than in words, so with all this said (I think your eyes are pretty soar by now right?) I’ll leave you until my next tutorial! As always, feel free to ask me any questions you might have in the IG-forums.

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