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Tutorial - Visualizing Modes
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Visualizing Modes - The Root Connection

Al Joseph 245 lessons

Root Connection Study

  • So here’s the graph! Go through it carefully from the ‘lowest’ point of the neck (3rd position) and work your way up, then down the neck.
  • Remember, this is no way to improvise. This is just to show you how scales in general are connected on the guitar. So take your time and when you’re ready… Improvise away!

Helpful Hint: Try going back through different songs and solos that you already know using this formula! This is a good time to try analyzing these lines, seeing as you already know where you’re going… Get it?

Very cool! This will only compound your understanding to your improvisations. I can assure you, you’ll be surprised at what you find!

TAKE YOUR TIME: Don’t expect become the “master of the sea” over night. Just have fun! ;-)

After some time, you will start to think in this way automatically!

Good Luck!

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