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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 3d-e

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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 3a-c Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 4

Did you make it through? Warmed up yet are we? Sweet, let’s continue. One thing that most people don’t think about is that this concept is every bit as useful when it comes to riffing and rhythm guitar playing! Let’s take a look at what that might look like. In example 3d we have a rock/metal riff in E Phrygian. Pretty straight forward with a cool groove to it.

However, to spice things up a bit, let’s just how the concept of Rhythmic Superimposition can completely transform this riff. Once again, I have taken the rhythmic idea from lick 3a, and superimposed that onto this riff. Remember, this is not something that can only be done to similar licks or riffs. No, you can do this to ANYTHING! Just experiment, and I’ll personally give you Swedish Vodka for free if it doesn’t drastically improve your improvisation. Just think, Concept→Application!

Pretty nifty huh? Well, it doesn’t end there. Admittedly, this stuff is NOT easy for someone that hasn’t been focusing on rhythms and note values, just as hearing chord and notes is hard for someone with a weak ear. Although, this tutorial wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t push the envelope a bit, now would it? Let’s take this concept into Crazy! difficult shall we? Ready? See you in example 4!