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Tutorial - Visualizing Modes
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Visualizing Modes - Learning The Other Modes

Al Joseph 245 lessons

Learning The Other Modes

 How The Intervallic Approach is applied to other scales


The thing about modes is that you can’t assume you know a mode just because you know how to build one.

Quick example: You can’t become a great songwriter just because you’ve learned the key components of writing a song. You must use that knowledge to write music well, and the more music you write, the better you will most likely become.

My point is: You have to spend a great deal of time “LISTENING” to the mode in context. A great example of someone who has mastered this in the world of rock guitar is “Joe Satriani”.

Songs like "Cool #9"(Dorian), “Lord of Karma” (Lydian), and “Summer Song” (Mixolydian) are great examples of modes being used as a tonal center rather than used through changes.

Listening to bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Tesaract, and Periphery will heighten your perspective on contemporary modal composition in metal music.

Next On Visualization: Taking the Root Connection Technique Through Changes

I hope this was a helpful and insightful lesson for you. Be sure to tune in next month for more topics on fretboard visualization. I’m certain with hard work this study will be a game changer for all levels!

Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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