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What Is This Thing Called Love? - Breakdown

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What Is This Thing Called Love? - Solo What Is This Thing Called Love? - Backing Track

Hello again.

Hopefully this video will give you a better chance to observe the fingerings I have used throughout the solo.

Early on in the tune I used some chord fragments in the solo. These were Inversions of Fm6 / Dm7b5. These two chords are actually the same thing.

Fm6 = F Ab C D
Dm7b5= D F Ab C

As you see, these chords contain the same notes, just in a different order. This is why I can interchange the inversions when soloing.

Another way to put it would be to say. If I were soloing over an Fm6, I could use a Dm7b5 chord and vice versa. Depending on the situation certain voicing's and phrases built from the chord will sound better. Generally speaking though, these two chords are one in the same.

See you around. :)