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Lead Note Displacement - 16th Notes

Chris Feener 256 lessons

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So let's take a simple Am scale passage, and apply the displacement concept to it to gain a clearer understanding.

  1. First, we'll play through the note sequence.

  2. Then, we'll shift the passage one 16th note to the right. Be sure the displacement is only by one sixteenth note. A common mistake here is to leave an eighth note gap. The sixteenth displacement is actually a fair bit more challenging and causes the mind to wander if the passage being played is not fully internalized. A helpful tool here is to make a mental note of where the initial 16th note should be - I often make a point to "semi-phrase" the note(s) as a reference point, i.e. pick a muted note in its place.
  3. Thirdly, we'll shift into an eighth note displacement

  4. And finally, let's shift things to the right by a dotted eighth note. This one also presents a bit of an issue, as we get the sixteenth displacement sound due to the 1.5 note value of the opening rest.
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