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Tutorial - Playing Legato
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Playing Legato - Exercise 3

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

OK, remember the first legato lesson? Well, now we'll use that same exercise and play it on 2 strings which will make it way more difficult.

First of all, I want to turn your attention to tabs: in the tab you can only see each sequence repeated twice while in the video I play it 4 times. I did it on purpose so you don't think that there is a lot of notes to read - you can practice it repeating 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times - it's totally up to you.

So after you finish the E string sequence, you hammer-on the B string with the pinky and during that you have to place your index finger on the B string (E note, 5th fret) because after the hammer-on, the pinky follows with a pull-off to that E note and if you don't make it on time with index finger you will be off rhythm. So, as usual, practice it slowly and remember the rules from the first part which are really important.

If you got this exercise down, the next one will be a piece of cake for you so, take your time and I'll see you in our next lesson.

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