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Right Hand Dynamics - Concepts

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Right Hand Dynamics - Signal Chain / Gear Right Hand Dynamics - Demonstration (Concepts)

Some additional concepts/topics in this video:

Location of Pick (near the bridge vs. towards the neck)

Pick Attack (soft or hard, using upstrokes for tonal reasons)

Something that I again forgot to mention: The pick that you use, makes a huge difference! if you don't believe me, switch between two different picks. You will hear a difference in the sound of your pick attack. I use Dunlop Jazz III's (the black ones), and if I switch to a red one, I can hear the difference (as clear as night and day!)

Some very 'dynamic' players that I am heavily influenced by:

Allen Hinds, Brett Garsed, Scott Henderson

If you are at all interested in some of the things covered in this tutorial, buy their albums!

Move on to the next video, for an improvised demonstration!