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Tutorial - String Skipping
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String Skipping - Introduction

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

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This tutorial is now going to focus on one of the most widely used techniques in rock and metal lead guitar outside of sweep picking, which is string skipping.

The odd thing about string skipping is that this term is used exclusively by guitar players. You'd never hear a violin player talking about "string skipping" or a piano player talking about "skipping keys". One thing you do have to get in your mind is that all of these techniques are here so that you can be able to play anything that comes to mind. Remember: it's all about the music.

What I am going to cover in this is the basic premise of string skipping which is overall execution and application with scalar examples, and from that I am going to show you some variations on the string skipping technique such as applying them to diatonic arpeggios and how to outline chords which can be used to add a certain flavor to your solos.

So with that, let's get rolling!

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