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Tutorial - Country Guitar Solo
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Country Guitar Solo - Solo Section

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It's time for the solo!

As always with this style of playing, hybrid picking is a heavily featured technique and there's plenty of it here.

I find that I get good results by accentuating the fingerpicked notes by playing them in a very percussive manner. What I tend to do when practicing is to really exaggerate that element and take it to an extreme but then bring it back to a level which is more effective. This is a technique that I use with pretty much most of what I play. By taking it to the extreme you can really exploit the full dynamic range at your disposal.

Be mindful of your intonation during the string bending sections. String bending is a very difficult technique to master and one which can really highlight the control one has over the instrument. Work as hard as you can to get perfect intonation as it will pay back dividends.

Did you notice the 'musical quote' I used within the solo? If you did, go to the forum and quote the title and composer of the piece.

OK, best of luck and get practicing!

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