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Finger Tapping - Pedal Tones

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Finger Tapping - Ascending and Descending Finger Tapping - E Major Pedal Tone

Pedal tones, as they pertain to guitar, are repeated notes played within a musical passage. Pedal tones are a very popular tapping technique. The concept of pedal tones is also heavily used in classical music.

So, let’s say you have a guitar melody. If you wanted to add a pedal tone to that melody, you would insert a specific note in between each melody note. Look at the following example.

F# E D C#

Same melody with an added B note pedal tone:
B F# B E B D B C#

In this exercise, you'll be playing a melody with your fret-hand, while your tapping-hand plays pedal tones in between.

We'll try another pedal tone exercise in the next lesson.