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"Andromeda" by Marco Sfogli - Part 2

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"Andromeda" by Marco Sfogli - Part 1 "Andromeda" by Marco Sfogli - Part 3

Let's continue with section 2!

You'll need to spend most of your time on bars 14 to 15 here. Remember that throughout this legato passage, the lightest touch will yield the best results. Use a pickstroke(up or down) when playing the first note on every string and try to focus on the fluidity of the phrase more than anything. Obviously, you need to be mindful of the technical aspects but try not to get too bogged down with technique as it can get in the way if that is all you think of whilst practicing.

Keep the triplets as tight as you can in bar 18 as you will be joined by the harmony at this point in the backing track.