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"Andromeda" by Marco Sfogli - Part 4

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Now it's time to tackle the most difficult part of the solo.

Although it is vital for you to understand what is happening here on a note for note level, it is much more important that you concentrate on the phrase and its crescendo from a dynamic, emotional point of view.

The first step is to subdivide each quarter note beat so that you can ascertain the rhythmic groupings contained within each beat. Try to practice just one beat at a time and then two beats and then three and so on. Then you can move onto learning it in bar long sections until you have the whole passage. At this point, just playing the notes as you have learned them will probably sound too robotic and stiff so this is where you have to, to an extent, forget about the technique and play the phrase concentrating as much as you can on building the crescendo to its peak at bar 31.

I must stress however that you mustn't attempt this part up to tempo unless you have put in the required amount of practice for it. It will not work otherwise.

OK, let's move on to the final section............

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