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Tutorial - Pinky Training
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Pinky Training - Full Lesson

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

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Hey there!

I put this lesson in the "Beginners" section because I think all beginners should practice with their pinky. That's one of the elements guitarists forget the most - they always forget about the pinky. A question I get asked a lot is: "Why can't I play without the pinky? Look how good Slash is with only 3 fingers!" Well - it's like driving a car with manual transmission having only 1 leg. How comfortable is it? Can you ALWAYS do it like that? The answer is - no! The pinky is just as important as the index, middle, and ring fingers so the sooner you get it into your playing, the faster you'll improve your skills. There are loads of things you can't do with just 3 fingers, so let's get to practicing.

First of all, don't worry about the speed of this lesson. You can practice it at any tempo you like. Second - your thumb should be in the middle of the neck - this is a must! Without this little thing you can't have a comfortable use of the pinky.

As for the right hand - there is nothing special there - only alternate picking all the way. After practicing this lesson for some time, you will sure notice a huge improvement in your pinky control.

When you're done learning this lesson, move over to the next part and have fun with the backing track! And remember - practice slowly. :)

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