What is Sequencing?

Tutorial: Sequencing
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B-Major 1-Octave Sequencing Exercise

Welcome to the "SEQUENCING" tutorial.

Sequencing is a very important thing to understand in your playing. It is also REALLY useful. When we talk about sequencing we think about making a certain group of notes, put in a certain order, not necessarily the order they are in scale. A sequence can have 3, 4, 5, x number of notes so there are no limits on it. The point of sequence is, once you created it, repeat it, move up or down the scale, or a melody you have. So you can build endless runs and solo's using sequences. If you listen to some shred solos - most of the time people use sequences to build those solos.

In our next lessons in this tutorial we will work on exercises which will cover 1-octave scales, 2-octave scales, different scale boxes and other stuff. As the tutorial name says - all these exercises will be created with sequences.