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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 5e-h

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Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 5d Timing and Note Value Alteration - Example 6a

Next up is example 5e. This is another pentatonic tapping idea that I personally use a lot. You can see these types of thing in a real musical context in my Super Continental song tutorial.

Same idea here in example 5f, but using straight sixteen notes. You get the idea by now ☺.

Same idea, using sixteen note triplets is up next here in example 5g.

And we meet up with our old acquaintances the Ninetuplets again in example 5h.

Okay? Got that under your belt? Cured your tapping finger blisters? Then you’re ready for the trial of fire! The final part of this mammoth tutorial (did I mention I’m proud of you that your still with me here? ☺).

Almost over the finish line now! See you on the next page for example 6a!