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Tutorial: Premonition

Premonition - Exercise 3

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Premonition - Exercise 2 Premonition - Exercise 4

And now we come to the heavy riff we referred to in the last lesson. This is where the drums go full throttle and you begin headbanging in headbanging heaven.*

*Headbanging optional, but strongly encouraged.

The chords in this riff are similar to the last lesson, however we'll now be filling in the rests with heavy palm muted rhythms. Be mindful of the many 32nd notes you'll be encountering throughout the riff.

Check out the 2nd half of bar 14. Do you see that long legato lick on the bottom three strings? We'll be tapping through a diminished scale there. Watch the video closely to figure out the fingering and order of notes. Pay extra attention to the fingering I use to tap the notes. It's important that you tap with fingers that set you up properly for what's coming next. For example, the first time I tap on the A string, I use my ring finger. However, the second time I tap the A string, I use my middle finger because it sets me up correctly to tap with my ringer finger on the D string.

Practice slowly, and when you're ready I'll see you in Exercise 4.