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Tutorial - Premonition
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Premonition - Exercise 2

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In Exercise 2, we'll begin the prelude to the heavy middle section. When you listen to the full video with the band, you can hear how I'm playing some accented notes along with the drums between rests. This is a very common yet effective technique with metal music, where there is a bit of a tease that creates anticipation for the massively heavy riff to come!

Most of the riff will be played using power chords on the Low E and A strings. Just as with the last lesson, be mindful of the palm mutes.

In this riff we also have the entrance of thirty-second notes. When looking at the notation you can see the 32nd notes by looking for the notes with three black bars on the stems.

Let's take a look at the half-step bend at the end of bar 11. Use your index finger to play the 9th fret B string, and use your ring finger to play the 12th fret G string. Now, notice that you'll only be bending the G string. When your ringer finger does the bend, make sure that your index finger stays still on the B string. If your index finger moves, the bend will lose some of the dissonance that we're trying to achieve.

In the 2nd half of bar 12, we'll be playing octave chords as 32nd notes. Make sure that when you play these the A string is muted with the index finger of your fretting hand.

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