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Introduction To Tremolo Equipped Guitars

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Nut Height Tremolo String Change - Part 1

Tremolo Equipped Guitars For the final chapter, we will look at setup for a typical tremolo guitar, a Floyd Rose-type guitar such as an Ibanez. Some of the things have already been covered, such as cleaning the fret board and such.

In this first part, I will show you and easy way of taking the tremolo off the guitar while working on the fret board or such. It is also very good to do for gaining access to the screws and pins underneath the tremolo.

1. Make sure your top locking nut is securely fastened.

2. Turn the guitar upside down, and remove the back plate.

3. Remove the locking metal plate that sits across the spring ends (if you have one).

4. Allowing the tremolo arm (or tremolo) to push against the table, you will slacken the springs (see video), which allows you to take them off more easily. Remember to put the springs in the order you take them off.

5. While pinning down the tremolo with one hand, turn the guitar over, and gently pull out the entire tremolo.

6. If you have a tremolo that is really well adjusted, and of good quality, and with a locking nut, you should be able to replace the tremolo and springs, and the guitar should be pretty much in perfect tune. (at least this works with better quality Ibanez guitars).