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Minor 6th Pentatonics - Learning the Scale

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Minor 6th Pentatonics - Introduction Minor 6th Pentatonics - Which to play?

Obviously before we can use the scale we need to know how to play it in a few different positions.

Below and on the video I show you how to play a C minor 6th pentatonic scale in a few different ways using 'box' type patterns and then using what I call octave displacement where you use one shape and learn it in as many octaves and positions as possible.

The first diagram below represents a Cminor 6th pentatonic scale using octave displacement. You can see the root and b3 on the A string and then the 4,5 and 6 on the D string. This shape is then moved or transposed around the neck in every octave and position. Each new octave/position is displayed in a different colour.

The second diagram represents a couple of box patterns which you may be more familiar with. Be sure to compare them to the standard minor pentatonics which you already know checking out where the b7 has changed to the major 6th.

Try these patterns in all twelve keys and become as familiar with the scale as possible - you're going to need to be pretty familiar with it to tackle the minor blues coming up!