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Alternate Picking Workout - Exercises 7 & 8

Martin Miller 43 lessons

Exercise #7: It’s getting tougher. Here’s a minor arpeggio sequence utilizing a 1-note-per-string pattern, which is a huge challenge to play even at slow to mid-paced tempos.

Exercise #8: Now we’re talking. This Steve Morse inspired exercise combines a 1-note-per-string-pattern with string skipping.

Regardless of the exercises you use, you should try to make your practice sessions musical. That means vary your pick attack (tone and volume), try palm muting, mix up the articulation (staccato, legato), attempt each exercise at several tempos, etc. Now be sure to get your metronome out and start creating your own “tempo log”. Good luck on your quest for better picking chops! See you in my next lesson and the IG forums!

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